Bavarian Forest & Bohemian Forest- A borderless paradise for hiking

Go hiking around the borderles forest wilderness in the Bavarian Forest to the Bohemian Forest. Get yourself astonished by the old ”Baubriesen” in the bavarian jungle at the Hans-Watzlik Hain in the region of the National Park. Tramp to the ”Schachten”, which were the former meadows of the bavarian forest. In autumn, the forest bedazzles you with the golden-coloured wood.

Explore the living environments of luxes, beavers and capercaillie, which still live at the Bavarian Forest.

Climb the top of the mountains in the Bavarian Forest and experience a marvellous view over the Bavarian and the Bohemian Forest. Get yourself a break at one of the mountain lakes and enjoy the nature and calm that surrounds you

Also the border region and the national park ”Sumava” impresses with amazing jungles, high plateaus, glacial epoch lakes and swamps.

The ”Große Arbersee” and the ”Kleine Arbersee” (lakes) are a special nature experience because of its swimming islands. You can get around the two lakes, because there is a great hiking tramp. For lunch, the ”Arberseehaus” at the Großen Arbersee and the ”Seehäusl” will welcome you.

As the ”Große Arbersee” is very good reachable with bus or car, you can get to the ”Kleine Arbersee” only by feet or from Lohberg you can use the ”TschuTuschu Bahn” (Train).

The tourist information as well as the rangers of the National Parks frequently offer guided hiking tours to the most beautiful places. Hereby, you learn a lot of interesting things about the beauty of the nature and a lot of specifics about country and the people.