Borderless explorer tour

The trips you can do in Bayerisch Eisenstein, are borderless. The czech border is less than 1 km away from our hotel. The next village in the Czech Republic is Zelezna Ruda - it's just 4 km away and reachable with train or car.

The National Park ”Bayerischer Wald” is situated directly in front of our hotel. The ”Haus zur Wildnis” and further facilities from the National Park like the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus, the free area where a lot of animals are, the ”Baumwipfelpfad” and a lot of uncountable hiking trails are reachable by foot, car, train or ”Igelbus”.

Climb to a lot of mountains in the Bavarian forest like the Osser, Hohen Bogen, Große Arber, Falkenstein, Rachel, Lusen and a lot more.

Bayerisch Eisenstein has also a cultural experience like the ”Lokalbahnmuseum” (museum of the local train), galeries and the renovated border station with further exhibitions. You can watch the gaffer at the ”Grenzglashütte” while producing glas.

The cities in the Czech Republic like Klatovy, Carlsbad, Marienbad, Praha and Krumlov are good to visit. The world cultural and heritage city Ratisbon and the Three Rivers City Passau are good to reach for a one-day-visit.