Sunny terrace with view to the Großen Arber

Coffee and self-made cakes

With a marvellous view you can enjoy your cup of coffee and a self-made cake, or a cold beer with a solid "Brotzeit" (little bavarian snacks)

Here you can enjoy the rest of the day with a glass of wine with nice society.

Of course, we do serve every courses and beverages on the terrace.



Savoury sundaes


As the train station and further museums as well as galeries are just a few minutes away, you can stay at our terrace for relaxing a while from your culture-tour. We will serve you our culinary dishs, which will give you power for the next visit.


Liebe Gäste, 

für uns ist das Wichtigste, dass Sie sich trotz kleiner Einschränkungen, die sich leider nicht vermeiden lassen, bei uns wohl uns sicher fühlen und Ihren Urlaub genießen können.

Wir haben hier Informationen zum Corona Schutz zusammen gestellt, die Sie bitte beachten.