Cycle-holiday in the Bavarian Forest - Bayerisch Eisenstein

Cycle-holiday in the Bavarian Forest - Bayerisch Eisenstein

Holiday with two bicycles in the Bavarian Forest

With the mountain bike to the Großen Arber

For people who are interested in sport, the Bavarian Forest is a real El dorado for mountain-biking. uphill and downhill... unlimited.
You can find kilometre-long tours of all levels. Sophisticated rises and downhills change from time to time. If you are a mountain-biker you will find here a paradise.
As well as motorcyclists will enjoy themselves as this is a borderles biker-experience. Just 5km away there is the well-known czech bike-park in Spicak.


Cycle tour


You prefer to be more comfortable? No problem, on the "Regentalweg" you can walk a while and for the return, you just use the train.
For the 140 km long national park cycle trail you need a bit more condition and a tour bicycle. It is along the whole national park region beside the bavarian- czech border through the idyllic Bohemian Forest and backwards too.

A new trend and very easy: E-Bike! Just explore the mountain ways easily and without great effort on the E-bike.
You can rent the E-bikes in a neighbouring place.

The tourist information or the "Adventure Organizer" offers cycling tours for every difficulty.

Cylce tour in the Bavarian ForestCycle tours Bavarian ForestWith the bicycle through Bayerisch Eisenstein


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